I joined Visual Identity team as a go-getter; meaning, I was responsible for presentations, management  of the team and coherent visual communication. I worked closely with team leader and head designers.

Colourful and playful graphic elements – referred as stickers – were a crucial part of the identity. I was responsible for design of the stickers and the social media visuals. 

Trotter image. Photoshoot (arragement and art direction) by Esra Copur, Iris Otter, Neu Neu, Irakli, Marie, Linda Vilumsone, Jasmijn de Boer and Sanne Boekel.

The main campaign image was the trotter image, which was on displayed as such in Dude magazine and in the city centre of Eindhoven.

YA Present! Under Construction was a group effort. Visual identity and its components were realised with these amazing design graduates:

Head Designers

Moon Kuijper
Tristan Roques

Visual Identity Team

Sanne Boekel Team leader
Sofia Nissilä Go-getter
Antonia Oana
Iede van de Wal
Tijmen Snelderwaard
Linda Vilumsone 
Andrew Tseng
Esra Copur
Iris Otten
Lot Mars
Zara Kanaan

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