I'm an expert in guiding the creative process. I do this by asking questions that challenge others' thinking and taking mindful risks. I choose cooperation over competition. For me, life is not about winning or losing: it's about the good fight. Problem-solving is my second nature, and that's why I got into design in the first place. As an IDBM student, I'm fluent in design thinking, creativity, teamwork, and Adobe Creative Suite software.
As a designer, I'm specialized in visual communication. I've worked with clients in the cultural sector as well as in the start-up environment. I've experienced success while working in international and interdisciplinary teams in the Netherlands and in Finland. 
Currently, I'm studying International Design Business Management (IDBM) Masters program at Aalto University. Currently, I work as a teacher's assistant for the Systemic Innovation & Design course. Until the end of 2022, I serve as the student representative of the IDBM Programme Committee. Previously I've acted as a Branding Lead and Designer for the IDBM Impact Gala. 
I've completed my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Minor-studies in Visual Culture at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During my BA studies, I took part in multidisciplinary projects and I completed internships in two design studios. These experiences lead me to apply to IDBM. What drove me to design was my passion for communication and problem-solving. 
I'm excited to take the next step in my career. At the moment I'm looking for part-time work opportunities in service design and art direction. I'm writing my Master's thesis on how to utilize design probes in leadership research.
My interests include art, design, photography, psychology, systems thinking, leadership, and mentoring. In addition, well-being at work is important to me. For this, I've completed the Mental Health First Aid -course by Mieli ry so that I can support others in times of crisis.

For work-related inquiries, contact me at nissilasofia@gmail.com
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