For me, being a designer is about gaining insight and cultivating a creative mindset. I choose to gather and analyze insights through different creative methods. This then leads to better design, better strategy, and better company culture – or whatever is that I'm working with. My leading questions in life are: "What is truly of value?" and "What else design can do?"

My fascination for drawing, making, and communication led me to study design in the first place. Now, problem-solving is my second nature. My sixth sense is my sense of humor. As an IDBM student, I'm fluent in design thinking, creativity, and interdisciplinary teamwork. Currently, I'm looking for new opportunities in service design, strategy, and creative project management.

In addition to creativity and communication, I've always loved to travel and learn about different cultures. This led me to study graphic design in the Netherlands. In 2019, I completed my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design accompanied by Minor-studies in Visual Culture at Willem de Kooning Academy. During and after my BA studies, I took part in multidisciplinary projects and I completed internships in two design studios. Since my graduation, I've worked with clients in the cultural sector, as well as in the start-up environment in Finland. As a designer, I specialize in visual communication and digital services. My previous experiences working in interdisciplinary teams led me to apply for a Master's studies. 
Currently, I'm finishing my thesis in the International Design Business Management (IDBM) Masters program at Aalto University. I'm writing my Master's thesis on self-leadership and creativity. During my studies, I've kept myself engaged in the community. Until the end of 2022, I served as the student representative of the IDBM Programme Committee, and I worked as a teacher's assistant for the Systemic Design and Innovation course. Also, I've acted as a Branding Lead and Designer for the IDBM Impact Gala, and as a contributor to Torso magazine. I've successfully completed courses in leadership and teamwork, service design, and futures-thinking. 
My interests form a colorful tapestry, including (but not limited to) creativity, art, design,  photography, psychology, Integral Theory, Evolutionary Organisational Culture and organizational cultures in general, futures-thinking and strategy, service design, design leadership, mentoring, future of work, digitalization, sustainable digital life, systems thinking, creative writing, meme culture, and stand-up comedy. In addition, fostering a healthy working environment is important to me. For this, I've completed the Mental Health First Aid -course by Mieli ry so that I can support others in times of crisis. 
At the moment, I'm looking for an internship placement in a motivating environment where I can combine my interests, to learn and grow as a designer.

For work-related inquiries, contact me at

Hello! That's me on the right. This photo was taken during the Kollaasi hackathon in April 2022, where we were asked to create new business models for artists.

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