About the client
Carissa Mosley, photographer and founder of Wild Woman Magicke, wanted to give a feminine, light, airy feel to the visual identity. She also mentioned Earth-connection as a value she wanted to communicate. This is represented by the forms that resemble cups and waves. I was inspired by runes, Wicca, and paganism.

On top: oversimplified logo. Bottom: simplified logo.

The dynamic logo for Wild Womxn Magicke consists of three versions: 
1. Oversimplified icon. This consists of stylized letters of W and M arranged on top of each other.
2. Simplified icon. The second form resembles waves and fluid water, giving the whole visual identity a feminine feel.
3. Entire logo. I can see that the logo can be developed into a bespoke display typeface for communication materials

"Sofia was extremely professional, timely, and organized with our project. She was also kind and a joy to work with. We had a meeting where she asked me a lot of questions about my business and from there she created two rounds of beautiful work inspired by me and my own work. She is incredibly imaginative and gifted at creating unique designs based on my style and inspiration for my own business. I felt valued and like she put in her all for me. I highly recommend!"
Carissa Mosley, photographer, Wild Woman Magicke 
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