"Nordic Biomaterials by CHEMARTS inspires students to combine design and material science for new cellulose-driven concepts and ideas. Combining natural materials with advanced technologies offer new possibilities for sustainable development within existing and emerging industries." (Source: aalto.fi/nordic-biomaterials)
Wood and plant-based materials offer a sustainable alternative to non-renewable resources. For this project, I chose willow fiber as my main material. I was inspired by artists and their practice-led approaches to material research. My aim was to enjoy the joy of discovery.

I took part in CHEMARTS: Nordic Biomaterial -course during August 2022. Photography by Rainer Paananen. 

Creativity is ultimately about having fun, being curious, and keeping an open mind while exploring. My aim was to focus on the process, try out something new, and have fun. I did achieve those goals.
Two students approached me after my presentation. They thought this was a great reminder for everyone that sometimes it’s necessary to be creative for its own sake - not because we need to produce a service or a product. There is more to creativity than instrumentalization.
The formula for these bowls is repurposed from the CHEMARTS Cookbook (2020). 
Original recipe by Tapani Vuorinen, CHEMARTS 2018. 

Photography by Rainer Paananen. 

Looking back, my project was about creativity for creativity’s sake.​​​​​​​

Close-up of residue liquid that was produced when "cooking" willow strands in hot water. I used the liquid as a colourant for handmade paper. The two glass regent jars contain samples of pulp. Photography by Rainer Paananen. 

Process: fibre bowls

I cooked willow bark in hot water. 

Along with willow fibers, I added hemp and sawdust to the mix.

I used a metal crucible as a mould for the fiber bowl. 

After moulding, I placed it into an oven (approx. 80 degrees Celsius) overnight.

Final presentations were held on August 19, 2021, at Väre Lobby. 

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Contact Sofia Nissilä, sofia.j.nissila@aalto.fi
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